With a Little Luck & Lots of Heart, We Can Do Anything.


We were founded on St. Patrickʼs Day in 2011 in Virginia Beach, VA by a group of like minded, ambitious young business people who were fed up with the high fees, big rules and low return of traditional networking groups. We recognized time and commitment as key factors of success, and were frustrated by the lack of opportunity to use our business networking time and associations to not only business prospecting, but to also help make a difference for those nearby who were less fortunate. The driving force behind our success is the belief that business can be both FUN, REWARDING and PROFITABLE when you focus on three things…


To Meet and Make Friends/Business Connections


To Make a Difference On An Ongoing Basis To Those Less Fortunate Within Our Own Community


To Make Money… LOTS of Money…


These very basic directives keep us focused to reach our charitable giving and business goals. They are the driving force behind our success and what sets us apart from other networking clubs. They drive our attendance at weekly meetings where we combine resources and monitor the progress of each of these goals – both collectively and as individual members. And they inspire us to keep going as fellow member referrals and recommendations roll in and we not only watch our business grow, but witness our combined charitable gifts escalate to numbers and collections that truly make a difference!

Our future vision is as simple as the fundamental principles upon which the Future Billionaires Club was founded. We now want to take our idea across this great country and help business leaders implement our proven program within their own communities. We want to share the pure joy of combining business goals with charitable giving efforts and reaching beyond the veil of traditional networking clubs to build true friendships.
We want each new club to reap the benefits of a business family committed to helping others as they grow. And we will continue to work to ensure that local business club members rally and rise together to elevate the status of those in need so that the community as a whole is strengthened by the very existence of a Future Billionaires Club!

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